Getting Ready for 14 Day Spring Reset

Over the next couple weeks, I will be doing my 14 Day Spring Reset before I offer it to other people.  I will be testing out the recipes, and this season, I will be incorporating doTERRA supplements to get a deeper cleanse.  I started yesterday, and so far, the recipes are delicious!

I ate Oatless Porridge for breakfast, which was good, filling, and just sweet enough.

photo (9)
For lunch, I ate Collard Wraps, and added chicken and a dip made from garlic, black olives and olive oil that I bought at the farmer’s market.  These were also really good and filling.
photo (10)
And, for dinner I had Creamy Asparagus Soup, shrimp cooked with Olive oil, chile powder, garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt and ground cumin.  Again, the food was delicious and filling.  I followed my dinner by dessert, which was Chocolate Avocado Pudding, my favorite.
photo 1photo 2
I would say that the recipes I ate on the first day were delicious.  I plan to eat them again, so when I try new recipes, I will post again.  I also started with the doTERRA supplements, and could definitely feel some die-off.  I started out slow by taking 1 pill with breakfast and 1 pill with dinner, and will work up to having one pill with each meal as the reactions can be pretty harsh.

To learn more about me, my business or the Spring Reset, please visit my website,


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