How I was finally able to sleep on my own


I can’t believe the first month of 2016 is already over!  This year is already flying by!  As I had mentioned before, I was doing the 21 day Essential Reset cleanse.  I completed the cleanse on Sunday!  It was a huge accomplishment because that was the longest cleanse that I have ever done, and I stuck with it the whole time.  I was a little tempted over this past weekend to drink wine, but I stuck with it, and chose not to.

I wanted to share my results with you.  The main thing that I noticed from the cleanse was my ability to fall asleep on my own, and quickly.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had difficulty falling asleep.  I, at times, will toss and turn for hours.  Or, when I don’t eat regular meals, I end up waking up in the middle of the night, and am unable to fall back asleep.  Prior to the cleanse, I had been using a calming essential oil blend to help me wind down before going to bed.  Years ago, when I was in college, I would take Tylenol PM or Nyquil when I couldn’t sleep.  Since then, I try to avoid those type of medications, and opt for natural solutions like essential oils instead.  Anyway, about halfway through the cleanse, I noticed that I was so tired when I went to bed, that I didn’t need to use the the essential oils to help me fall asleep.  I started to fall asleep much quicker, and stayed asleep through the night.  The organs associated with winter, according to Chinese medicine, are the kidneys, the bladder, and the adrenals.  The adrenals produce important hormones that regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, and stress, which may be part of the reason why my sleep improved.

The other thing that I really noticed was my skin.  By the end of the cleanse, it was really clear and smooth.  This is because I wasn’t putting toxic foods into my body, and was getting rid of any toxins that had built up in my body.  Caffeine, alcohol, dairy, gluten, sugar, and processed foods all cause inflammation in the body, which can affect your skin.  I eliminated all of these during the cleanse.  Also, I was only eating clean, whole foods, and I was drinking a ton of water, all of which is great for the skin.

These were the main things I noticed, but other benefits of following a cleanse are:

  • weight loss
  • increased energy
  • get rid of sugar cravings
  • improve digestion
  • increase metabolism
  • improved concentration
  • and more.

I offer a 7, 14, or 21 day cleanse.  The 7 and 14 day cleanses are based on whole foods, and the 21 day cleanse uses essential oil supplements that are meant to clean the toxins from your body, and then restore the good bacteria.  For more information on my cleanses, go to my website by clicking here. To learn more about the 21 day Essential Reset, click here.  If you would like to set up a free initial consultation with me, in person or over the phone, you can email me at  Also, see the Valentine’s Day special that I am running below!

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